Why Choose MCS?

At Motor Carrier Service we embrace the changing world of transportation. As a result we are dedicated to the continuous implementation of new technology and strategies to improve on-time performance deliverability for customers.

MCS is also striving to make changes that improve driver pay and working conditions:

  • Established a driver score card to reward drivers for performance.
  • Improved driver safety bonuses.
  • Established a true open door policy allowing drivers to share their insights and information.
  • Established a liaison team giving drivers an independent voice to communicate with management.
  • Built a new, state of the art maintenance facility to improve equipment safety and reliability.

Video Transcript:

Customers today have a multitude of options on who to use for their transportation needs and we at MCS realize that. To accommodate those customers we take very seriously the people we hire, and the quality of the people we hire. We only seek out the best, people who are totally focused and dedicated to customer service.

My main goal and MCS’s main goal is to make sure that our customer looks good to their customer! We want to make sure that their customer continues to place orders with them, continues to purchase product from them, continues to make their business grow.

The bulk of our business is very, very time sensitive freight that requires 15 minute on-time delivery. We have delivered thousands and thousands of loads on-time … every time!

That has been reflected in the many, many numerous awards that we have received from customers for on-time service. That has been reflected in the many numerous awards we have received from a safety standpoint, again, critical to our customers. For two consecutive years we were named the safest, best carrier in our insurance category and that has never been done before. And that speaks volumes for our maintenance department, quality of our drivers, and again our staff.

If you are a customer looking to do business with a financially sound, very safe, service oriented trucking company, then you should seriously consider Motor Carrier Service.

Image Map Motor Carrier Service, LLC features a large fleet of company-owned, fully-insured tractor/trailers available to safely transport your products. Our computerized dispatch system and satellite tracking allows us to maintain complete control of your shipments. We have a team of safe, experienced, and dedicated drivers ready to deliver the freight you need when you need it.
Motor Carrier Services, LLC
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